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Functional Fitness

Older couple walking with light weights.

I believe that functional fitness is the easiest and most beneficial way to adopt a healthy fitness lifestyle. Functional fitness simulates and mirrors common movements that you do in your everyday life. Whether it be at home, in a working environment or during sport activities, functional fitness exercises stimulate overall health naturally.

There are many functional exercises that anyone at any age can do. One exercise is the Farmer's Walk. One simply grasps light dumbbells and walks, naturally, keeping your body tall using a natural gait. When concentrating on form, the farmers walk provides a full body exercise experience of both strength and endurance. When you become proficient and comfortable with the Farmer's Walk, other exercises can be included within the "walk" itself. Starting out with light weights is best, as we want to become comfortable with proper walking form before advancing with heavier weight and other movements, such as shifting laterally, and changing walking speeds.

Starting an exercise program is more fun and easier to do when we choose things that we might like to do. The Farmer's Walk is something everyone can do, and gain benefit from. It can be enjoyed as a singular event or with family and friends. You can listen to music, focus on the scenery around you, or both. I enjoy focusing on my breathing, the scenery and checking in with my body-mind. Have fun!

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