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Brad's Story

Bradley Hurst sitting on the bench

Community. Coaching. Compassion

 Reading Time: 3 mins.  For me, I have sought to live a life of health, fitness and in some respects wellness since my teenage years. I have shared with others what I have learned for the past three decades.  Wellness is something that I view as living, versus doing. The overall well-being of the “body-mind,” is key. This has led me, despite developing asthma as a child and overcoming other challenges, including cancer, to having and living a healthy life. It is important to me to strength train, raise my heart rate aerobically, meditate daily, practice several stretching methods which include Pilates,  martial arts and mindful movements, to name a few. I also build upon  my emotional wellness using various strengthening and healing modalities that I have learned, and eat nutritiously.  And I continue to enhance  my knowledge in the areas of fitness, meditation and  other life skills. Overall health and wellness. Again, for me it’s simply  about the practice of living a healthy lifestyle mindfully. Easy does it. Thankfully now having reached middle age, I'm still a work in progress. Friendship and fellowship are so important in life. Living with gratitude is one of the reasons that led me many years ago to first become a Personal Trainer and now a Global Wellness Coach. There are many joys that come with good health and with the great satisfaction that is felt through discovery. I have served individuals and groups of all ages over the years, and proudly abide by the core competencies of the *International Coaching Federation. There has been an ebb and flow to it all. Research and development are daily practices that I enjoy.

Studies show that as we enter middle age and beyond, strength, flexibility, balance, agility and cardiovascular health are very important to our overall well being, as are our diet and most importantly our emotional health. Other life adaptations present themselves in areas that they did not not before. We at Wellness Glow Life experience great pleasure from the relationship building process, and with those that seek change. . Devising a balanced  plan in alliance and partnership with someone in order to create a different life path is a wonderful goal. Every person is glowingly unique, whether they initially believe it to be true or not.  My thoughts and feelings in terms of certain goals have evolved over the years. What came to me one day many years ago was this:

“There are different ways to do something successfully”. It has been a gift to have watched, researched, listened to, learned from and practiced with many great teachers over the years, both personally, and through the various certification processes that I have experienced and completed. The messages would be that this way or that way is the way to wellness, most all of which has been true. It is also important to remember that people have different desires and needs. In this life journey, we share and learn together. And this is what we strive for with each person that we meet that is seeking change through Wellness Glow Life. A partnership that leads to empowerment. To be able to connect with others from the heart. Our belief within Wellness Glow Life is just that. I am grateful. Thank you.


Brad Hurst

     Global Wellness Coach & Founder

Wellness Glow Life 





Bradley Hurst with Bruin
Brad & Bruin

    "Friends are like angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."

"As a growing community, together we can see our wellness glow."

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