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During an interview on CNN to promote his book " Keep Sharp: Build A Better Brain At Any Age," the great Dr. Sanjay Gupta touched upon things we can do at any age that will not only preserve brain health but enhance brain health. He spoke upon activities that many are already familiar with, such as doing crossword puzzles, reading, doing things with your opposite hand, amongst other things. He touched upon an activity that many may not be familiar with and that is socialization. He stated that engaging with each other as human beings has a positive effect on brain health, as an enhancer.

Brain activity can be built upon and can continue far into our senior years, which we may not be aware of. Interestingly enough, Dr. Gupta stated that there is one activity that is a win-win for brain health and overall health, and that is exercise. He said that if there is one tangible thing that we all can do to improve and maintain brain health, that would be to exercise. It is wonderful that we can do numerous things.

Daniel Lieberman, a professor in the department of human evolutionary biology at Harvard, said in an interview on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross that "You don't have to do incredible strength training to get some benefits of physical activity." Lieberman, who studied indigenous hunter-gatherers in Africa and Latin America, found that the main things are to move. He discovered that our ancestors walk about five miles a day and said that the method of exercise is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to engage in a balanced exercise regimen. He pointed to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was dedicated to health and wellness up into her 80's. She had a very balanced fitness regimen, as it entailed going to the gym several times a week. Her workouts included simple strength and flexibility training.

For some time, I have believed the importance of balance and diversity in the areas of health and wellness of the body and mind, or body-mind. The hope and idea are that the mind and body, as one, will embrace and experience a life of great health and acceptance, able to enjoy life as it is in the moment.

Glow Community, please be kind, help others, look, listen, and learn today. Thank you.

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