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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

There was a time when I had a like and dislike relationship with coffee for some years, before a grand solution came to me one day. I realized that my coffee consumption had to change, or else it was no more coffee. The Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) lists caffeine withdrawal, caffeine intoxication, non-specific caffeine disorder and caffeine induced disorders (sleep disorder, anxiety disorder) as caffeine related disorders. Quality of life, a healthy life, is most important to me. I was consuming a bit more coffee that I was comfortable with. What was I to do?

I meditate as part of my daily lifestyle. The action of "sitting" has had an enormously positive  affect on my life. Meditation has aided me in the areas of critical thinking , challenge solving, peaceful processing, living free, pausing and if need be pausing again, and intuition. I meditate  and have  for some years. A push-pull life quality emerged with me. Coffee and the caffeine within has given me that motivating jolt, that charge to start and continue with my day. Studies also show that coffee also contains antioxidants that are greatly beneficial to overall health. Again though, too much is not good. It is suggested by the United States Food and Drug Administration that four 8 ounce cups of coffee appears to be safe for most. It is also suggested that those that suffer from anxiety or have a propensity towards anxiety should monitor their consumption. At one time in my life anxiety was a great challenge. Studies suggest that 3 cups may be too much and so could 2 cups of coffee. Green tea with its great benefits is suggested as a wonderful alternative. It can though take time for some people to adjust from coffee to green tea.

I tried green tea only. I felt as it would be an easy transition because I drink green tea daily anyway. After some time though I veered back to coffee/green tea. It did not take long after much research and analysis to realize that I was consuming eight to ten cups of coffee a day at times. My coffee mug held 2 cups. I had enough. The coffee crash, the anxiety, the thoughts and feelings that followed were just too much. Again, quality of life.

I decided that if I could not monitor my intake, that green tea and caffeine-free coffee is where I would have to go. One more attempt came to me one day though. What if I just prepared enough coffee for four cups only each day? What if I consume it more slowly throughout my day? Well guess what? That is what I did and continue to do, and it has worked. I sip my coffee slowly through the morning. Enough to get my morning jolt. Then I leave it alone and get busy, until I take a sip or two as the morning progresses. I have found on numerous occasions that at 3 - 4pm I have had a cup or two left over. I do not drink coffee into the early evening hour anymore, which is what I would do on occasion. As suggested via studies I do not consume caffeine within a 7 hour window before bedtime. It is suggested that 2pm or soon thereafter is best. The tremendous benefits of meditation and the healthy benefits of coffee can now co-exist in my life. And do so in a healthier fashion. Much of  life is about acquiring a healthy balance. A healthy balance indeed, Glow Community. 

Practice please, and have a great day!


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