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AT This Time

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

At this time we enter different seasons. This is the holiday season and for many of us that brings with it much excitement and joy. Many of us have other emotions such as sadness and pain from what is or what was. The winter season approaches as well. There are a myriad of emotions that surround winter that involve where we live, what we like to do and what may have occurred in our past during this time, or quite frankly, what is happening right now. We are also approaching the end of another year.

As I think about this I look back and try to recall the past eleven months. What happened? What did I learn? How did things go in my life? How do I feel today?

How quickly time flies. My thoughts, feelings and actions changed with the seasons. This is normal. Sometimes the change was productive and sometimes not to the degree that I had hoped for. This has been the case both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the degree of gratitude that I have been able to not only maintain but build upon. Paying attention while continuing on the life journey is key, I believe. And to practice being kind, helping others, and to look, listen and learn. While there have been moments of uncomfortable stress, frustration and disappointment during the year, I am grateful that I have not stayed with those feelings as long as I have in the past. Yes, they still appear, but I have been able to greet them with acceptance more than in days gone by. I am thankful for the desire and ability to continue to practice as part of my lifestyle. I desire to do so and honestly, it is important for me that I do. It is important that I practice pausing, and if need be pause again. It is important that I practice living healthy on all fronts. But that's just me and my lifestyle choices. This I enjoy doing and that includes daily walks/hikes with my wonderful companion Ronin. He is the best dog ever. And spending time with friends and family provides added peace and contentment. Our Glow Life Community provides this as well. I am grateful for the awareness of the spots that I still wear, and for knowing that it is up to me to practice acceptance and change. To be able to rest in moments of happiness, joy, pleasure, and contentment have been greatly pleasurable this year. I believe that these moments are there for everyone, thank God. Moments of happiness, sadness and all things in between have shown themselves for us all this year. Maybe some of these emotions are visiting you as you read this. Please remember that we are all currently traveling together through this life, however similar or different our circumstances may be. Or however similar or different we may look. Again, it's up to me to practice being kind, helping others, and to look, listen and learn. Aristotle one said, " For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." At this time, through all that we may be experiencing, whatever it might be in this moment of our lives, we can practice, and be grateful.

Thank you everyone.

Bradley Hurst

CEO and Wellness Coach

Wellness Glow Life


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