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Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Barbara J. Hulin, CHHC, NT

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to February and Heart Health Month!

So, what is this month all about? It may or may not surprise you that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Did you know that we have major risk factors for heart disease that include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and excessive alcohol consumption. OK, I know not a pretty picture here, but the good news is that as empowered women we can take back our power to make healthful changes to minimize these risk factors.

Let’s look at it from two perspectives, personal and professional.

The goal is to have a healthy personal and professional life, right? Well, this requires that you know the heart of your body and your business or career. A holistic approach.

So, what does that mean?

Well, this month in honor of busy women everywhere and putting your heart and business health in the spotlight, I’m main streaming women’s heart health and self-care/love.

Although we probably don’t think of our hearts as often as we think of other wellness concerns, unless there’s a problem, it is time to flip the script. Shine the light on heart health and its function so we can reduce the risk of disease.

If you’re on the perimenopause to menopause roller coaster ride of hot flashes, night sweats, sleepless nights, and maybe low libido, you may not think too much about your heart. But what about the occasional heart flutter or palpitation that you may feel?

The pillars of cardiovascular health, a healthy diet, regular exercise (especially cardiovascular) and stress management are not new wellness strategies, but we need to put them front and center of our day. While we jump the hoops that usher in the obvious menopausal symptoms it is a good thing to take a beat and check out what we are doing (or not doing) to support heart health.

Whether it is checking in with what we are eating or drinking, how we are sleeping or moving our bodies or spending our time in the world it all comes full circle. In other words, the things we do can accumulate over time, for the good or not so good. Do not wait. Just get in a routine for the good and keep it going!

As part of my self-care-love routine I’m also paying closer attention to how well my heart is being supported in a mental and emotional way. What are you consuming mentally and emotionally that impacts your heart vibe? Not to get woo woo, but vibrational energy is key. If you want your heart to work for you, let go of all that’s not working for your heart.

How? You can do a body scan. Check in for new feelings and sounds.…. Yes, sounds of the heart. Do you need a nutritional tune up, more quality sleep or to embrace mindfulness practices to ensure that you have a healthy heart? Remember that your cardiovascular system (your loving heart) keeps things rocking…so if you want the beat to go on…show it some love, literally! Remember, love can boost heart and brain health.

Wrapping this up, let me say as a healthy, busy mid-life woman entrepreneur, who soundly believes in relevant self-care, made the menopause trip, and still have more paths to explore, I’m dedicated to preserving my heart’s health for the rest of my journey. I’m taking a Galantine’s vow dedicated to my heart health. What about you?

As my new favorite Gen Z artist Lizzo says…it’s about dxxx time!

Barbara J. Hulin, CHHC, NT

Author of 7 Ways to Body Positivity, is an Integrative Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist working in the world of women’s natural health and well-being. Learn more about women and body positivity at:


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