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Seize the day. This is the only one we have at this moment. A couple of decades ago it came to me how important it is to be kind, help others, and to look, listen and learn. I have used this as a mantra since then in several positions that I have served within. Wellness in this day. I remember almost ten years ago during a conversation I was having with a nurse about health and wellness and she said, " we have to take care of our bean". She was referring to our brain. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in his best selling book "Keep Sharp", reminds us that the brain can make new brain cells and even develop new neural connections at any age. At any age ! He goes on to say that there are other keys not only for brain health , but for overall health. Exercise is arguably the most important, not only for brain health but body-mind health. Social interaction releases hormones that are key in the transition to neurogenesis. When we are sleeping the brain engages in a cleansing process, so it is also vital that we get a good night's rest.

There are other things that we can do to maintain and improve not only brain but overall health. Getting proper nutritional intake in collaboration with exercise is important, but so are adopting meditative and relaxation techniques. Adopting them as part of our lifestyle. There are also great benefits from using your opposite hand. Jeff Rose, a CFP, discovered in his research through the Franklin Institute that using the opposite hand strengthens neural connections in your brain, and also develops new ones.

I have been doing this for years. I use my opposite hand to eat for a few minutes. I also vacuum certain areas at home using my opposite hand. Practice eating, brushing your teeth, pouring drinks, opening jars, using your computer mouse and writing with your opposite hand from time to time. Therapists use the writing exercise with clients as it is believed in some circles that the action leads to creative thought.

Within, we touch upon these topics and more. Please remember to be kind, help others, and to look, listen and learn. Wellness Glow. I am grateful. Thank you Glow Community.

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