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As we age, our body and mind, or "body-mind" changes. The growth of you brain cells continues well into our seventies and beyond, though our memories can be affected and altered, especially based upon our life choices. Our metabolism begins to slow down during our thirties and forties. If we have been treating our bodies in a healthy manner, all will go pretty well. If not, bad news potentially. We run the risk of gaining weight, which then can snowball into other aspects of our health. Our eyes, ears and teeth can become more sensitive as we age, especially if we are not mindful of their care. Our skin will become less elastic, which is simply a part of the aging process. So what shall we do?

Regular exercise and healthy fueling nutritionally is the ultimate answer for us as we journey onward daily. Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body, which in turn leads to a positive reaction and response throughout our body-mind. We jump start internally. We can exercise our brain by reading , learning how to meditate, choosing and learning a new hobby such as acrylic painting, doing simple cross word or other types of puzzles, learning a new language, or learning how to play an instrument that is interesting to us.

Over the years I have embraced different forms of physical exercise that I enjoy, and challenge myself by always alternating certain methods and their intensity. This is very important . I change my sessions and methods consistently, and also do things that are interesting to me. Our body-mind needs to be challenged and stimulated, or it will simply get used to that which it is given, which therefore leads to stagnation. Balance is so very important. If I were to choose to do cross word puzzles, or any type of puzzle, I would do one that I feel that I would enjoy. The same would be true for other hobbies. I have picked up and experimented with several great musical instruments over the years, and took lessons as well. Journaling is something that I began doing many years ago, and do so periodically. Meditation is something that I practice daily. In an article written by staff members at the Mayo Clinic, meditation is suggested as a way to relieve stress and restore inner peace. In Wellness Glow, we often talk about a healthy balance, and what it means to us. Please remember each day to be kind, help others, look, listen and learn. Thank you Wellness Glow Community.

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