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Wellness Glow Life Community

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The Oxford Dictionary definition of community : A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

This is what was visualized when Wellness Glow Life came to be. That a group of like minded people could join as one to form a unique, diverse community that fellowships, celebrates, encourages, learns and grows together, all while forming and building upon new found friendships.

This is especially true during the worldwide challenges that have been created by the pandemic. While many countries, states , provinces and communities emerge from the isolation and stress created from a necessary and forced new way of life, a new anxiety has emerged. Getting back to normalcy.

There has been an uptick in various health issues such has high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, substance abuse and other pain based ailments within the last year in both the Unites States and Canada, according to various news sources, including the Washington Post.

Within Wellness Glow Life

Life, members are able to relate with and support one another, wherever they may be. Social interaction is an effective remedy for isolation and anxiety, as is exercise. Our gatherings are designed for all members to be able to fellowship together, and to share thoughts, feelings and ideas. It also gives us as a community to be able to practice together. Exercise and meditation are practices that help us grow and maintain the growth that has been experienced. Better nutritional pathways and wellness coaching are presented within the community and to all members individually, or in small groups. Wellness coaching gives each member the opportunity to set and achieve specific goals, and to address and solve certain challenges. As a member of Wellness Glow Life , through, friendship, fellowship, vibrant health and wellness are embraced and experienced within the glow of the community. To relate with one another strengthens one and all. As a glow community we strive to "be kind, help others, look, listen and learn". Have a great day!

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