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Wellness As The World Turns Today

We are finally forging ahead through this worldwide pandemic. Many have suffered, and many are now gone. And yet we live today. This has been or should be a reminder to us all about how precious each day we live on this earth is.

I have, at different times in my life, thought about how things change in an instant. People have plans today that will be changed tomorrow due to a life-altering event or sudden situation. Events or situations will occur, both good and not so good. Life goals change. So what does this tell me? What does this tell us all?

I can only do what is before me, as I am here literally just in this moment. Planning is essential. Living in the moment is priceless. The challenge involves living in a healthy balance whatever we may do each day. I plan each day as to how I will engage in my health, wellness and spiritual practice. Each awakened day will be met with some degree of joy and challenge. I practice intermittent fasting and look to enjoy each healthy meal. My strength training has changed over the past few years as I am transitioning through middle age. Full-body functional strength training movements have been incredibly beneficial for me. Quite frankly, I would recommend this style of training for anyone of any age or athletic ability. The body-mind remembers. My practice of yoga, pilates and the arts varies, as I look to engage in different movements that will benefit overall growth.

The National Institutes of Health states that we should exercise at least three days a week. I'm active six days a week and do so in a diversified manner. The days of the two-hour workouts are gone for me, as twenty to thirty minutes of high-intensity practice will more than lead to greater overall health.

There are many benefits of meditation and it has enhanced my life immensely. Practicing the art of listening is indeed practice. Pausing and, if need be, pausing again in daily life through prayer, meditation, reflection, inquiry, and being attentive are actions that can wonderfully be foundation builders for living a life of healthy balance— living in this moment. To be kind, help others, to look, listen and learn.

Please spend time out in nature daily.

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