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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

I remember when a good friend of mine who was a upperclassmen and great athlete shared with me one day that in order to reach my goals as an athlete, I should begin strength training and gain weight. I was tall and skinny as a junior in high school. Thus began the day that I adopted strength training as a major part of my lifestyle, defined simply as a way in which one lives one's life. In the next year I became much stronger and gained twenty five pounds. I loved working out, and still do. And over the years as I have continued to practice, it is still gratifying to learn various new methodologies and modalites, share with others and see the progress that follows.

I also remember sitting in my Uncle Nat's kitchen many years ago talking about dieting and fitness. Uncle Nat, or Dr. Hurst as he was known, was a renowned physician. Uncle Nat said to me, "Brad, diets don't work. It's about lifestyles ". I'll never forget it.

I began researching health and fitness as a passion and almost as a part time job you could say, years ago. I've explored different methods of practice and applied them to my life and again to the lives of others. As I express on our Wellness Glow website , there are different methods that lead to different levels of progress for others, or quite frankly for us all. Yes, there are some absolutes of course, but I am grateful for the variety of valuable resources that are available to us. I have been asked many times over the years as to what I eat, what I take as supplements and what I practice. I'm very careful sharing because there are many ways that one can be successful. I'd like to share with you some of what is most important to me.

Getting my rest is very, very important. I am at my best when I have rested well. Studies show that proper sleep benefits us fully when it comes to our body-mind. I still eat the same nutritious breakfast that Ma made me when I was a kid, haha ! I have changed and added a few things, but basically it's the same. I just have it for lunch now. You can enjoy the same breakfast, as it is freely offered on the Glow Plan page of our Wellness Glow website. I workout six days a week but now practice my main full body strength training three days a week, with a rest day in between each day. My yoga, pilates and martial arts practice is included as part of those six days, as are several healing and strengthening mindful movements. My daily workout lasts about forty minutes or so, and half that on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Easy does it. Balance and quality of life are vital, so it's important to be cognizant of over training. It's also important to diversify workouts, in order to stay motivated and stimulated for what is to come. I take a day or two off if need be, and take a full week off from strength training each year to allow my body-mind to take a break and engage in other leisure activities. I am out in nature daily with my dog Ronin, and practice various aerobic methods as part of our walk, hike, run, jog or sprint.

It's funny, but my evening meal, my dinner, is somewhat the same each night except for my cheat day which is Saturday or Sunday. It's important to allow yourself a cheat day I believe. Now in moderation of course. As far as my dinner, I have a huge salad with many different items in it. I change a few of the items each night, and add liver as my red meat once a week, fish twice a week and chicken two or three days a week. Sunday is my power pancake day. I add various nuts, blueberries and a banana to my pancakes. I consume blueberries everyday. I don't eat meat on Sundays generally, and sometimes another day as well. I like to go at least one day a week without any meat.

My supplements have changed over the years as I have found a wonderful balance. The one vitamin that I take everyday is vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 strengthens our muscles and bones and is critically important to our immunity. I eat Total cereal now at this time versus taking a multivitamin, and add nuts and cinnamon. Occasionally I will add an individual vitamin with my meal if I feel the need. I also take a digestive enzyme and have a small portion of sauerkraut in the morning with a warm glass of lemon water. I eat an apple each day as well. There are a couple of herbs that I take daily that have greatly enhanced my life. Meditation is part of my daily practice, as is also the practice of living mindfully. Social interaction is critical to our personal growth and development, so I engage regularly, or as regularly as it relates to my lifestyle. It's also important to me to get periodic bloodwork done through my doctor.

This is some of what I do, as I've shared a few other things in previous blogs. You see though, that's simply just me and my daily journey at this time. Again, please be grateful for all of the resources that are there for us. We talk about these things and much more during our Glow Community Gatherings. We'd love to have you join us ! We believe that there is a Glow Plan for you. So to all, please be kind, help others and look, listen and learn. Thank you Glow Community and take care everyone!

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