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Wellness Glow Life provides premium health, fitness and dietary resources, an embracing community, as well as mindful wellness coaching for middle aged adults, and can be practiced and enjoyed wherever you may be. Whether you’re seeking assistance in the areas of health, fitness, diet and lifestyle, nutrition, meditation and emotional wellness, Wellness Glow Life provides exemplary support and solidarity as you improve your overall health and wellness.




Tea or another healthy beverage, and a Glow Life Community 20-minute check-in conversation.

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“Brad's thought-provoking adages have been an asset to me both personally and professionally. I have shared what I have learned with some of  my clients.”


Cher Barrett

United States

Wheat Field

For me, I first sought to live a life of health,  fitness and in some respects wellness during my years as a teenager. Professionally I have shared with and supported others in what I view as a "partnership," for the past three decades. Everyone is unique and yet we all can relate to some degree. All of us.  Wellness is something that I, and we here at Wellness Life Glow, view as living and doing. The overall well-being of the “body-mind,” is key. This has led me, despite developing asthma as a child and meeting other life challenges, to living a pretty healthy life. Not herculean by any means, but healthy and active. It is a surprise to me when I am told by others how healthy I seem to live. Humbling quite frankly. It is important to me to strength train, raise my heart rate, meditate daily, practice yoga, pilates and martial arts, and eat nutritiously, among other things. Again, it’s simply just about one’s lifestyle. Living Mindfully. I am still a work in progress, and grateful. Gratitude is one of the reasons that I first chose many years ago to become a Personal Trainer, and now a Global Wellness Coach.

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