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"Brad has been my mentor and spiritual advisor for more than a decade. By teaching me to truly appreciate the nexus between mind, body, and spirit, Brad has helped me achieve my goals and literally transform my life. 


I’m grateful for Brad’s thoughtful and patient approach. He has mastered the discipline of deep listening, which makes his words that much more powerful when he offers advice and counsel. Brad is extremely well-read and has amassed a wide array of knowledge through formal education and real-life experience, which makes him supremely qualified to help people improve their quality of life. 

Simply stated, without Brad’s guidance over the past several years, I would not be the man I am today."

Jonathan Ghent


CEO & Founder
United States

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Wellness Glow Life provides premium health, fitness and dietary resources, an embracing community, as well as mindful wellness coaching for adults middle age and above, and can be practiced and enjoyed wherever you may be. Whether you’re seeking assistance in the areas of health, fitness, diet and lifestyle, nutrition, meditation and emotional wellness, Wellness Glow Life provides exemplary support and solidarity as you improve your overall health and wellness. And if you happen to be transitioning through a life stage of loneliness, isolation, or grief, please know that our Glow Life Community is here to embrace you. 





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